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Jailbreak Server Rules

ID Rule Category
47 You must make sure the round progresses. Admin Guidelines
48 Swap CTs not doing their job to the other team. Admin Guidelines
49 Do not ban people for freekilling, CT ban them. (Excluding MFKs. MFKs can result in a perm CT ban or perm server ban) Admin Guidelines
50 Make sure punishments are proportionated. Admin Guidelines
51 Do not leave groups muted for extended periods of time. Admin Guidelines
52 Keep the teams skill and ratio balanced. Admin Guidelines
2 Be respectful to everyone! General
3 No hacking, scripts, exploits, breaking role-play, or anything considered unfair General
4 No Advertising of other clans, communities, servers, or websites. General
5 No discrimination of any kind. General
6 Acting like a smartass will get you banned! General
7 No disturbing Sprays allowed. General
8 Feel free to join our Teamspeak 3 server @ General
9 Make a forum topic or contact an Staff or higher when the rules are unclear. General
10 Do not act like an asshole General
15 If the rules are unclear, the highest ranking admin's decision is final. General
61 Do not spam anything (gun/mic/chat/etc) General
65 You may not ghost at any time General
76 No Pardons General
14 No Favortism. Guards (CT)
17 You cannot order prisoners to crouchwalk Guards (CT)
26 Do not freekill. Guards (CT)
27 When not playing a death game, a Terrorist can only be forced to face a certain direction while using AFK freeze, no longer than one minute, and no more than once per round. Guards (CT)
28 You may not camp the armoury or secrets (CTs should be out of armory by 6:30) but you can enter secrets for a 10 second count to find active rebellers Guards (CT)
29 You may not give the order "If you are out of cell you're a rebel," or similar. Guards (CT)
30 Once cell doors are open they must stay open at all times. If a CT closes them he will be slain. Guards (CT)
31 Cells must be opened by 6:00 on the timer. Guards (CT)
32 You may not kill Ts who talk over you. Ask an admin to mute them. Guards (CT)
33 Prisoners may not be locked into an area they cannot get out of. They must be freed ASAP. Guards (CT)
34 Only commands given verbally count, unless no single living guard has a mic. Guards (CT)
35 Orders given by a CT remain valid even after his death. (No Warden Dead Freedays) Guards (CT)
36 Do not give weapons/grenades to Terrorists. Guards (CT)
37 A prisoner carrying a holstered weapon must always be warned to drop it. Guards (CT)
38 A prisoner carrying an equipped secondary must be warned to drop it unless it is being pointed at a CT. Guards (CT)
39 A prisoner carrying any type of grenade must always be warned to drop it. Guards (CT)
40 You may play map-games that trap T's. Guards (CT)
41 Ts must always be warned even if you say something like "No guns or grenades". Guards (CT)
42 You may refuse an LR if the highest ranking admin deems it unfair. Guards (CT)
46 You must play your role as a guard. Guards (CT)
57 CT's must warn T's when they are not following Warden orders, unless they are playing a deathgame or rebelling. Guards (CT)
58 You may not give in-cell orders before 6:00 Guards (CT)
59 T's may not be warned if they have a Primary weapon unholstered. Guards (CT)
60 Do not stand near Ts for extended period of time. Guards (CT)
63 Secret weapons/abilities NOT picked up by T's must remain where they spawn. Guards (CT)
64 No Free-shooting Guards (CT)
70 A warday may only be called in 2 or less adjacent locations Guards (CT)
72 Lead CT opens cells on warday unless cells auto-open Guards (CT)
74 During Simon Says, only 3 perpetual orders are permitted Guards (CT)
75 A prisoner trying to access a secret is rebelling and is KOS. Guards (CT)
77 CTs may not enter secrets before leaving armory Guards (CT)
1 If you are new to the Jailbreak mod, you are required to join T Jail Break General
11 If you are new to this server, you are required to read these rules to the detail. Jail Break General
12 When you play on this server, you are required to know these rules. Jail Break General
13 If an admin swaps your team, do not swap back. Jail Break General
16 The highest ranking admin may grant a freeday during the first round of the map Jail Break General
18 A war is NOT refusable, and an LR is not permitted on a warday. Jail Break General
19 On a war day guards must go directly to the war zone that the lead guard states. Jail Break General
20 Only rebelling prisoners may be killed by a guard not in the zone designated for the war. Jail Break General
21 Prisoners can refuse to play first reaction/last reaction. Jail Break General
22 Prisoners can refuse to play games that are opinionated (such as "Joke Day"). Jail Break General
23 Guards must oblige if a T asks for a game to be defined or for orders to be repeated twice. Jail Break General
24 Extreme Wordplay is not allowed. Jail Break General
25 The guard leading a game is the only one allowed to kill unless a prisoner rebels. Jail Break General
53 No excessive wardays (No more than 2 wardays in a row) Jail Break General
54 Simon says is over when a new game to play is stated. Jail Break General
66 War days will expand at 3:30 every time. Jail Break General
78 If the server has an active population of 32+ players, the warning rule is void (Rule 57) Jail Break General
43 If you talk over a CT giving orders you will be muted. Prisoners (T)
44 You may legitimately kill/damage a guard when he is on your head. Prisoners (T)
45 If you do not follow orders a guard is permitted to kill you. Prisoners (T)
55 No detours or delays is implied with every order. Prisoners (T)
56 Freeze means: do not move along the X, Y, Z axis of the game. Crouching is exempt. Prisoners (T)
62 Blocking is allowed upon Wardens discretion. Prisoners (T)
73 A Terrorist granted Last Request is only rebelling if they wound a CT without reason Prisoners (T)
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