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New CT Ban
By mattlikespie Posted on Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:34 pm
Hey guys, I'm pleased to announce that we have installed a new CT ban system on our servers. Credit and much gratitude to Dyno for making this for us.


!ctban [name] [duration in minutes] (reason)
Bans the player for the duration of time, with the reason.

If you do not specify a time, it is a permanent CT Ban.


!check [name]

Checks to see if there is an active CT ban on a player



This brings up a menu which can only PERM ct ban someone that joins, MFK's then leaves.
Currently there is no confirmation on a ban for this, as it bans them directly in the database, with the users STEAM:ID
don't understand? ; Be careful with what number you press.


Brings up the admin menu, you would then press "1" and depending on what access levels you have, it's on page 1 or page 2 under the heading "CT Ban" here you can specify pre-set times, and reasons.


Other commands that are available to
Veterans only
/unctban [name]
!unctban [name]
!removectban name

Important: This is a much different feature from the previous CT Ban module. CT Bans now only expire per the amount of time that players actually play on the server. You will notice the plugin will notify the server that a player was banned for a set amount of time, "Spent playing" So if a player is banned for 1 hour, that have to be on the server for 1 hour before they will be unbanned, versus previously getting banned, leaving, and coming back unbanned an hour later. This also means punishment lengths must be adjusted. I have provided a guide below to what actions will warrant what CT ban.

Of course the below are all circumstantial, and at admin discretion, but here's a guide

Gunplant - 30-60 minutes
Freeshooting - 30-60 minutes
Freekilling (Not MFK) - Certainly admin discretion - Should, in most cases, be no longer than 4 hours
MFK - Perm
False Orders - 10-30 minutes
Camping Armory/Secrets - 10-30 minutes
Ignoring Admins - i.e was swapped and swapped back. Check above for the scenario. Admin discretion heavy, should probably not be longer than 4 hours in any case.

CT ban reports still need to be made for bans that are 1 hour or greater. For now, this will be for
everyone including Veterans Let's try to avoid banning anyone for greater than 4 hours, for any reason other than MFK. For many people, 4 hours will end up being days when you only intended it to be what it says, 4 hours. I'm not saying you can't ban for longer than that, but I would strongly suggest, until we get a handle for this new feature, to make a request for Staff to review your CT ban.

ALSO: ALL old CT bans are no longer in place. Clean slate for everyone!

Note: We are still working on connecting the new CT ban to the forums, but it works. Also working out any problems. No information will show on the forums as of yet
86th Monthly Meeting
By Mr.GoldGames Posted on Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:25 am

Saturday July 29th
@ 3:30 pm (afternoon) for CST or GMT-6
RSVP: calendar.php?view=event&calEid=178&calM=7&calY=2017

EgN Members, recruits, and ex-members are invited and highly encouraged to attend.

- Server Managers: please try your hardest to attend! -

Please make sure that you have:

- Read the in-meeting expectations, over here.
- Post your thoughts as to what should be discussed during the meeting, in this topic.

  • Talk about the servers
  • Remind members to help enforce the rules.
  • Future of Elevated Gaming Network.
  • Monthly donations for channels and admin.
  • Remind all to check the forums daily and vote for new recruits. AND WEARING THE TAGS
  • .....
Attacks against EgN
By Kharn Posted on Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:41 pm
As most of you know, Young Lean decided to ban as many people as he could from JB. This has brought into the light the schism that has formed within EgN, and it's given me the clearest justification possible for my decisions here. I have decided that anyone associated or involved with Young Lean is suspect, this goes double for those involved with DHack and his shit-stain community. I don't see Young Lean's actions and the fact that Dhack runs a community as separate, this only proves that Dhack has been fermenting the distrust and anger these people have towards the leadership of EgN.

If it isn't clear yet, I took it upon myself to go over and investigate just who was involved.


That I can see possibly 2 Staff members have channels, and almost the entire population consists of those who I been echoing the same stupid shit Young has been spouting. It's also the TS of LG, which means that those with channels are part of another clan.

Below is a list of those who have 24 hours from this posting to contact me and explain their actions and reasons for associating with that group, I will hear them out and consider what they say but either they cut ties or they will be removed and banned.

-Yiggles Moto

Their admin is stripped until I've spoken with them, I do not want a repeat of Young's leaving. And considering I see Alex, who MFK'd for a fucking game, has a channel over there...and is part of LG's Events team(MFK'ing is an event after all) he will need to speak with me.

I thank Young Lean for awakening me to this and making it clear how extreme this is getting, and I promise to all of EgN that I will take action and solve this before next meeting. I will then update all of you on the results of this then, please go on playing and enjoying the servers and TS....because that's the best way to prove that their BS is just that.

#1 Update: Removed Xnyc.
#2 Update: Banned Salad for associating with said group, if he had been a member and hadn't had near constant complaints I would have shown mercy.
#3 Update: Removed Sky
#4 Update: Removed Zachariah and banned Northside Shorty for association, numerous infractions
#5 Update: Remove IceDragon for association
Admin Leaving And Banning multiple people
By Doldol Posted on Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:48 pm
Young Lean has gotten permanently banned for banning a load of people for no valid reason off JB after LOAing.

Fair warning to anyone thinking about doing this too, you'll face a perm ban from EgN, and obviously a kick from the community if you're still in it.

It's generally just a shitty thing to do and it just really hurts pubbers and regular members above all, and says a lot about you as a person.
Freeze/AFK Freeze/Rule 57
By Mr.GoldGames Posted on Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:33 am
Since people are confused and still have no idea whats going on, im going to put this plain and simple. Please follow these rules as they are the current rules for Jailbreak and have not changed.

Warden: "Take one step out of your cell, face the back of your cell and freeze", "Take one step out of your cell, and freeze facing the back of your cell"

This means you must take a step out of your cell, face the back of your cell, then freeze. Reminder, freeze means constricting the use of jumping and WASD keyboard movements. So, that means you are allowed to knife, crouch, free look,and use your flashlight. IF the Warden/CTs kill you for looking around, then that would be a freekill. The CT will be slayed and given a CT ban if needed.

AFK Freeze
Warden: "Take one step out of your cell, face the back of your cell, and AFK freeze", "Take one step out of your cell, and AFK freeze facing the back of your cell"

This means that you must take a step out of your cell, face the back of your cell, then AFK freeze. AFK freeze means constricting the use of all mouse movements and keyboard interactions. The reason I say keyboard interactions, is because not only can you not move, but you cannot use your flashlight as well. The only thing you are allowed to do while AFK frozen, is use mic communications and use the chatbox to type. However, I find it a lot easier to just sit AFK until the next order. Because if you think you are typing, and you jump because you hit space, you will die.

Rule 57 <---click me
Now, the rule that states "You cant make T's face a certain direction for more than a minute" only applies to AFK frozen because thats the only order that constricts mouse movements. So they cannot leave you facing the back of your cell for longer than a minute, or else the warden isnt doing their job, and they get slayed. Yes, you read me correctly, you can slay them. Now if you were a good admin, you would just remind them they have to progress the round, but their fate is in your hands.

No one else make a thread like this, this is going to be the explanation of the order. Refer anyone with questions to this post, and if you came here because you are questioning the rule and you are still confused, PM me and we can talk about it.
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