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State of the Community 1/11
By mattlikespie Posted on Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:00 am
Hey everyone,

I realize many people are confused on what's going on and out of any bad, what is being done about it. I hope this post can help answer some of your concerns.

Currently I am aware of the issue with Jailbreak not listing for some people. This is an issue that has not occurred for any of the Staff+ and as such has proved difficult to replicate and fix. The issue has exhausted Doldol, who has worked diligently to resolve the issue to the point where now the server should be working 100% normal, despite us getting reports that it is still not listing, and we cannot find any problems with the server. I am continuing to search for answers but, as of yet, to no avail.

It's also come to my attention that other communities have spawned out of our period of struggle in resolving our Jailbreak issues. While I will not state what the names of the other communities are, I would like to remind everyone that joining another community that we have servers in is in fact double clanning, which we do not allow. While I would strongly discourage you from playing on these other servers, I am not saying that you cannot. However, what I will not tolerate, is the advertising of other servers on any of our services or any further intent to pull population from our community. This will result in a permanent ban to anyone involved. Enough evidence of pull from other services, including Steam Chat or discord, may be warrant enough for me to ban the person in question. What I will also not tolerate is EgN members who go to competing servers to troll, advertise for EgN, or deliberately break their server rules. They are competing, that doesn't make them an enemy as if this was some war. If you are going to be a member of this community, then please support it by playing on it's servers :)

In efforts to correct these issues, I have asked the Staff to populate Jailbreak, putting a reformed effort into the events team, and some of the Staff+ including myself have been working on other servers in the meantime while we continue to look for a solution to the Jailbreak issue. Such servers do in fact include a CSS Office server and a Minecraft Survival server, both of which are nearly complete. In addition, I've also been meeting with a few members, Nick Magnus, Dave, and Manually Activated on a new Gmod server that they are excited to develop, and we will soon iron out more details on what this server will entail. The intent of these servers was and is not to replace Jailbreak, but please forgive the Staff if it appears that way; they are working diligently on these servers while I try to resolve Jailbreak, a matter that unfortunately they can barely help in. I do not intend to release any of these servers until Jailbreak regains it's sustainable population. Sly has also finished the Surf server, which we will release shortly.

Many ideas have been passed on such as adding flash bangs back, new maps, guns, etc, and we will look into these as soon as possible and discuss adding these before the end of this weekend. Namely this includes logistics such as compatibility of maps or how new things affect the rules, not necessarily if these are "good ideas" or not. We will keep updated on any changes that have been made.

I have continued to explore more on a new website that I had discussed in the last monthly meeting. My leading favorite is licensing from IPB. This would be an easier and more feature packed option with tons of different customizations and support available. For these reasons, I believe it is the best choice. It does cost money however, money we do not currently have. A base package would cost us $200 one-time, with additional features costing more and more. The "Commerce" functionality is a feature I'd love to explore, which would add $100 to the ticket, but is not mandatory to have and could be purchased at a later date. In addition, it's noteworthy to consider that this would take a lot of time and effort to set up, on my behalf. While a website has been pushed back on the priority list right now, this is our lead consideration.

Our bill is due January 18th in the amount of $53.99. EgN currently has $72.61.

I understand things may not look good for EgN, but I can assure you, we will prevail as we always have. Populate Jailbreak, and people while come they always do. The server is still up, you can still connect, some just can't search for it. Times are tough, great ideas and great leaders are needed. Despite all the latest memery, there is no limit to the amount of Staff we will accept, so if this is something that interests you, bear in mind that now is a good time to show us how you can help. Personally, it has been difficult for me to be active with a heavy work schedule as of late. I will do my best to find the time to make available to put into this community. I thank everyone for your continued support, and I hope to see you around on Jailbreak.
Recruits & Representative
By Central Posted on Sat Dec 29, 2018 4:19 pm
As you all know, we had issues and we've had to revert to an old backup of our forums, which was about 2 weeks old, backup date being 30th November. In that timeframe posts that were made after were unable to be recovered.

Recruit applications that were also made after the 30th November have not been able to be recovered either, so if you spot a person who was recruit but their application was removed, please let them know to re-create their account or re-apply to rejoin the community. Anyone who was a Recruit but now isn't because of the whole problem, will be set to Recruit once again without having to go through the Staff+ whole process.

In terms of the Representative voting there was some issues that had come with that, to where there were applications that were old in which have moved and the only two electee's we've had was both Cooper and GoldGames, which we have decided to give them both the Representative without proceeding to a vote, as currently stating, that we do have 2 Representatives per term, as 1% of the community members is 2.

Any questions or concerns, please let a Staff+ know
103rd Monthly / End of Year Meeting
By mattlikespie Posted on Sat Dec 22, 2018 3:02 am

Saturday, December 29th
@ 3:30 pm (afternoon) for CST or GMT-6
RSVP*: calendar.php?view=event&calEid=585&calM=12&calY=2018

EgN Members, recruits, and ex-members are invited and HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend.

- Development Team and anyone seeking to join the team please try your hardest to attend! -

Please make sure that you have:

- Read the in-meeting expectations, over here.
- Post your thoughts as to what should be discussed during the meeting, in this topic.

  • Review the past year
  • Clear up any lasting confusion
  • Guest Representative Election
  • Areas to improve and goals for next year
  • Discuss existing servers, potential new servers
  • Remind all to check the forums daily and comment on new recruits AND WEARING THE TAGS
  • Merry Christmas, and happy new year!
  • .....

*Reminder, this is not a thread where you post if you are coming to the meeting or not. Please use the RSVP section for that. Here you will post what you want to talk about during the meetings/concerns you may have.

Christmas theme will be set till January 1st
State of the Community
By mattlikespie Posted on Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:31 am
Hello everyone;

I'd like to make a post to keep everyone informed and to answer some questions that you may have. We had a meeting today and discussed a lot of things, so many of you know what has happened, but for those of you who have not been around, here is a post to keep you up to date:

- I have become the Leader of EgN and Kharn is now the Co-Leader. Kharn is stepping down for a while, due to inability to pay for the clan and the desire to step back
- There has long been a misunderstanding between Kharn, Dyno, and I regarding how the servers were run, financials, and community management. Because of this, I took over the community and decided to transfer to a new host for all of our services, instead of hosting through dyno. As a result of poor communication and conflict management on all accounts, Dyno removed the database that supports the website and teamspeak, causing them to go down. This was all resolved at the meeting we had, and all parties were able to explain their points of view and gain a mutual understanding.
- The transfer has already begun, and we've recovered a backup that was taken November 30th, so yes, this forum is old and any posts you've made are forever lost.
- The website and Teamspeak are currently up and working on the new host
- All game servers are still offline as we until working to get them online

I am committed to restoring this community to what greatness it has seen and the potential it can become. I've promised transparency and it will be delivered. At this current stage, I have 100% control and ownership over EgN, including it's financials, which currently totals $11. Kharn has expressed he owes the community $600 at some stage will be repayed. For now, this is our state. Our bill will be in the amount of $53.99, due on January 18th of 2019. As you may have noticed, this has cut our costs significantly, especially as I've decided to host the website and Teamspeak also on the box instead of using 2 different hosts like we were before. I did use most of the money Sly sent for the website to front part of the cost (with Sly's permission). I also bought 16 IPs with no monthly cost (only set-up fees), so we have plenty of IPs to use for servers.

We are using Linux (Ubuntu to be precise) on the server.

In the works:

Priority: Get the servers online: Jailbreak, Minigames, TTT. Odds are TTT won't work because it is broken.
Short term: Set up Minecraft (more than enough resources on the new box). Many of you have expressed interest and willingness to help
Short term: Continue exploring DarkRP or other Gmod servers/ Fix TTT
Long Term: Get a new, redesigned, feature-packed website.

Tricky has been working with the old and new Staff to restore community to a normal state, while Doldol and I continue to set up the new server.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have on this post, or reach out to either myself or any of the Staff+ with any questions you may have. I love you guys, and I love this community; together we will build something great, this I know.
By Tricky Posted on Wed Dec 19, 2018 10:11 pm
Servers should be up by tmr! Sorry for the inconvenience~

Also keep in mind we had to go back to one of are backups due to server transfers.
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