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Servers: Meet the Recruits
From Fri, 26 Jan 2018, 04:00
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92nd Monthly Meeting
From Sat, 27 Jan 2018, 15:30
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EgN's Admin Mod Admins

ID Admin Name Forum Name Steam ID Servers
2 Kharn Kharn STEAM_0:0:6233124 jb
21 Blazin Blazin STEAM_0:0:13378835 jb
102 Doldol Doldol STEAM_0:1:13977489 jb
1 Dyno Dyno STEAM_0:0:16728863 jb
3 mattlikespie mattlikespie STEAM_0:0:79036420 jb
35 WalterWhite WalterWhite STEAM_0:0:3505641 jb
53 Needy Needy STEAM_0:0:150625838 jb
55 GoopSauce GoopSauce STEAM_0:0:11765093 jb
93 Tricky Tricky STEAM_0:1:80046838 jb
4 Jimmah Jimmah STEAM_0:1:230517 jb
5 YigglesMoto Yiggles Moto STEAM_0:1:43792252 jb
8 Roaxes Roaxes STEAM_0:0:48892477 jb
15 EagleBby EagleBby STEAM_0:0:34490137 jb
29 SexySimonSays SexySimonSays STEAM_0:1:22880808 jb
45 Mr. Majestic Mr Majestic STEAM_0:0:43935735 jb
57 Dutchie Dutchie STEAM_0:1:17299991 jb
58 Geeza Mr.Geeza STEAM_0:1:221617357 jb
71 Central Central STEAM_0:1:177980773 jb
95 NaCl NaCl STEAM_0:1:104934050 jb
101 Raff the G Raff The G STEAM_0:0:36131009 jb
11 Starscream Starscream1994 STEAM_0:0:18797094 jb
12 SomeOcto SomeOcto STEAM_0:1:48771745 jb
14 SpazzO SpazzO STEAM_0:0:2416971 jb
17 Reboobalar Reboobalar STEAM_0:1:10184273 jb
25 Bribee BriBee STEAM_0:1:49794826 jb
31 Sunny Sunny<3 STEAM_0:1:47552815 jb
40 swim winter STEAM_0:1:195157239 jb
41 TheronRain TheronRain STEAM_0:0:42762240 jb
43 Nick Cage Nick Cage STEAM_0:0:15637141 jb
54 Habibi Mr. Habibi STEAM_0:1:7755650 jb
56 Link Link STEAM_0:0:160181792 jb
76 Birthstone Birthstone STEAM_0:1:29867757 jb
80 Merle Merle STEAM_0:1:39362328 jb
89 terminator Terminator STEAM_0:1:95290612 jb
10 Mittens Mittens STEAM_0:0:47650684 jb
13 Spooky STEAM_0:0:32566858 jb
27 John Wick Sweettooth STEAM_0:1:28361272 jb
37 Kryptic KRYPTiC STEAM_0:1:94010816 jb
38 Spooky Spooky STEAM_0:0:32566858 jb
67 El_Juanito Fuego STEAM_0:0:44979326 jb
70 Dr.Cloud Dr.Cloud STEAM_0:0:86342016 jb
Total: [43] 

Source Bans Admins

ID Admin Name Forum Name Steam ID Admin Group
3 Doldol Doldol STEAM_0:1:13977489 Advisor
37 Kharn Kharn STEAM_0:0:6233124 Main Server Admin
20 Blazin Blazin STEAM_0:0:13378835 Main Server Admin
204 mattlikespie10 mattlikespie STEAM_0:0:79036420 Advisor
319 Dyno Dyno STEAM_0:0:16728863 Advisor
192 WalterWhite WalterWhite STEAM_0:0:3505641 Staff
265 Needy Needy STEAM_0:0:150625838 Staff
266 GoopSauce GoopSauce STEAM_0:0:11765093 Staff
304 Inori Tricky STEAM_0:1:80046838 Staff
123 Jimmah Jimmah STEAM_0:1:230517 Veteran
163 EagleBby EagleBby STEAM_0:0:34490137 Veteran
203 Marz145 Marz STEAM_0:0:75439717 Veteran
217 SemiAutoNoob SemiAutoNoob STEAM_0:1:9810473 Veteran
242 Raff The Giraffe Raff The G STEAM_0:0:36131009 Veteran
247 YigglesMoto Yiggles Moto STEAM_0:1:43792252 Veteran
255 SexySimonSays SexySimonSays STEAM_0:1:22880808 Veteran
268 Dutchie Dutchie STEAM_0:1:17299991 Veteran
269 Mr.Geeza Mr.Geeza STEAM_0:1:221617357 Veteran
280 YSoSerious Y S0 S3R10US STEAM_0:0:47477194 Veteran
303 Roaxes Roaxes STEAM_0:0:48892477 Veteran
311 Iamnaci NaCl STEAM_0:1:104934050 Veteran
318 Central Central STEAM_0:1:177980773 Veteran
147 Birthstone Birthstone STEAM_0:1:29867757 Elite
249 AshTheAvenger Ash STEAM_0:1:35185668 Elite
253 1969DodgeCharger 1969 Dodge Charger STEAM_0:1:44258554 Elite
267 Link Link STEAM_0:0:160181792 Elite
288 Connor Connor STEAM_0:0:61523596 Elite
292 Merle Merle STEAM_0:1:39362328 Elite
293 averesan averesan STEAM_0:1:29125681 Elite
296 El_Xanatos El_Xanatos STEAM_0:0:26201796 Elite
297 Tipster Tipster STEAM_0:0:74894181 Elite
298 Devonizzle TheronRain STEAM_0:0:42762240 Elite
300 terminator Terminator STEAM_0:1:95290612 Elite
301 Snapchat Me Ray Romano STEAM_0:0:102387790 Elite
313 Mikailmanco Mikailmanco STEAM_0:0:50005943 Elite
321 swim winter STEAM_0:1:195157239 Elite
322 melon Melon STEAM_0:0:44554358 Elite
326 SomeOcto SomeOcto STEAM_0:1:48771745 Elite
329 Reboobalar Reboobalar STEAM_0:1:10184273 Elite
333 Starscream Starscream1994 STEAM_0:0:18797094 Elite
336 Bribee BriBee STEAM_0:1:49794826 Elite
339 Sunny Sunny<3 STEAM_0:1:47552815 Elite
340 SpazzO SpazzO STEAM_0:0:2416971 Elite
341 Nick Cage Nick Cage STEAM_0:0:15637141 Elite
352 ajescorcia025 ajescorcia025 STEAM_0:1:24921937 Elite
306 STEAM_0:1:203506214 Member
309 AcidMac AcidMac STEAM_0:1:49382976 Member
315 Shya Shya STEAM_0:0:74675421 Member
331 Joules Joules STEAM_0:1:22392691 Member
334 vertical_360 vertical_360 STEAM_0:0:42678029 Member
335 Sunbro Solaire Sunbro Solaire STEAM_0:0:26625467 Member
338 John Wick Sweettooth STEAM_0:1:28361272 Member
250 Mr Majestic Mr Majestic STEAM_0:0:43935735 Veteran
283 Dr.Cloud Dr.Cloud STEAM_0:0:86342016 Member
344 Taylor Taylor STEAM_0:1:52285029 Member
350 WhipBone whipbone STEAM_0:1:41634828 Member
345 ChickenMcDerps ChickenMcDerps STEAM_0:0:104936327 Member
342 Mittens Mittens STEAM_0:0:47650684 Member
343 El Juanito Fuego STEAM_0:0:44979326 Member
346 Spooky STEAM_0:1:199039976 Member
347 Noreh STEAM_0:0:221066763 Advisor
348 KayteKattt KayteKattt STEAM_0:1:17803421 Member
351 Blooper Blooper STEAM_0:1:51872560 Elite
353 KRYPTiC KRYPTiC STEAM_0:1:94010816 Member
354 Swag Disco Disco Swag Disco Disco STEAM_0:1:39838402 Elite
Total: [67] 
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