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PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2019 11:10 am 
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I'm sure to most of you an enjoyable game server is what you'd like to see out of EgN first and foremost
Sadly people who talked to me about building out TTT haven't really gotten anything done so far.

Because it seemed people wanted to build TTT my time has been spent on building a new website, thus the servers haven't gotten anywhere near that amount of attention.
I would have liked to open up a finished server, but I suppose it can't be helped.

A month or so ago I did start building a TTT server, while definitely not finished I've decided to open that server up for you guys to play on.
Right now what is mostly implemented is custom movement, a weapon base with a few weapons to test the weapon setup, replaced the default weapons and 1 map (I don't know what the top TTT maps are), the movement probably needs a lot of bug-fixing, more maps need to be added, more guns need to be added, player models need to be added, etc.

Suggestions/complaints are very welcome, right now people with access to the server are Tricky, Central and me.
Maybe you guys talking to Tricky and Central about the server and what you'd like to see happen will help them get more involved.

I've also extended the opportunity to Octo for access to the server but have not received a response.

Summary of the server:

Implemented, should work:
    Custom weapon base + 2 weapons

Implemented, needs bug-fixing:
    See your player model

Planned, feedback welcome:
    Extra maps
    Detective/Traitor only use-ables

These are some things that are planned and don't yet require feedback:
    More weapons
    Weapon balance
    Player Skins/hats/etc
    Better UI
    Default key-binds

Playing on the server:
Since there is no UI finished or sensible defaults, you will have to use console commands to setup some of the custom movement stuff.

To get prone setup:
    "prone_config" in console

Leaning corresponds to the "+alt1" and "+alt2" console commands, suggested setup:
    bind q +alt1
    bind e +alt2"

    Be running and then crouch

Weapon attachments:
    Default: "c" or command "+menu_context"

IP? Check the sidebar :)
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